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Storm Damage Home Repair Assistance

AHTF Emergency Home Repairs for Qualifying Home Owners

We have been contacted by FAHE about a program they are offering for homeowners that received damage to their home from the storms this past Sunday night.  The email we received is listed below:

We have asked Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) if they can make funds available to our community and other areas impacted by the recent storms. They have responded by making dollars available for qualifying families and removing the barriers in the process that slow the typical funding down. The program is still being designed but this is what we know so far:

  • Up to $15,000 can be made available to families for HOMES to make repairs to the houses. The dollars are in the form of a grant with a five-year affordability deed restriction. The deed restriction goes away in five years, however if the family sells their home during the affordability period the KHC dollars invested will need to be repaid to KHC out of the proceeds of the sale. 
  • The dollars can only be used to make repairs related to storm damage. 
  • The family must own their own home and be able to produce a deed to the property. 
  • There are income restrictions…the following is household size and max gross household income:
    • 1 person: $26,300 
    • 2 persons: $30,100
    • 3 persons: $33.900
    • 4 persons: $37,600
    • 5 persons: $40,600
    • 6 persons: $43.600
  • Families that HOMES can help must reside in Letcher, Knott, Floyd, and Pike Counties.  
  • Families interested in this opportunity should call HOMES at 606-632-1717 and ask for Storm Related Home Repairs.